Spam Protection

Whoscall helps you to identify and block fraudulent calls. Get alerted before you pick up the phone as the details about the unknown callers will be shown on the phone screen, thereby safeguarding you from scams as well as annoying telemarketers across the globe. With Whoscall, you can answer or reject the incoming calls with peace of mind.

Community-Based ID Caller

Whoscall is a reliable, community-based ID caller app which consists of more than 1 billion data users working together towards a common goal of creating the safest telecommunication experience possible. Whoscall keeps everyone safe from fraud calls by allowing users to identify, block and report malicious spam calls in real-time. Powered by the massive amount of real-time data, Whoscall provides absolute protection against spam calls and suspicious numbers.

Private & Confidential

Whoscall places users’ security, privacy and data confidentiality as top priorities. We solve all of your privacy-related concerns by not revealing any personal data. We keep your personal data safe from manipulation and unauthorized access by third parties. We are committed to protect confidential information and identities of individuals, offering safe and secure user experience.